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Colmena is your digital tool box for local and community media productions. It's a 100% free of charge, secure, open source solution for mobile and desktop environments. Colmena is mantained and developed by a non-profit consortium of civil society organisations dedicated to the freedom of expression and digital rights.

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Colmena bundles all essential tools for resilient local and community media productions in just one application. With our free and open source software you can: record, edit, do remote interviews, live-stream, meet and plan with your team, share files and publish from almost any digital device.

Your favorite tools in one place

We call them honeycombs and they come with a chat protocol, encrypted, audio conferences and a corresponding folder structure to collectively manage all your documents.
Honeycombs can be used by colleagues from one media or set up for networked collaborations between different partners.

“Colmena allows us to build and share other ways of journalism with a super-collaborative communication.”
Michelle Nogales. Muy Waso (Bolivia)

Whatever your device is:

if comes with a mic or a line-in, Colmena converts it into an audio recorder with vu-meter and quality compression.

“It is a tool that allows independent media to overcome the usual mess of workflows and to focus on what we are here for: making stories.”
Dima Khilchenko. Tech Expert (Ukraine)

Your space to interact with guests and experts in virtual round table discussions and collective online interviews. All talks can be recorded or shared live as audio-streams.

“With Colmena, everything becomes digital and the loss of audio files and recordings become a thing of the past.”
Maurine Akinyi. Gulf Radio (Kenya)

Trim interviews or edited complete podcast episodes from your mobile or desktop device. Local edits can by synchronized with the cloud storage for collective editing.

A handy tool to co-edit meeting notes, scripts or articles. You can also insert pictures from you galleries and collectively prepare publications.

Virtual spaces, similar to the honeycombs focusing on exchange and group work, driven by the collaborating media outlets. Create your spaces like save spaces for women, fact checking groups, digital rights dialogues, etc. Mini-manuals will guide your way…

Publish your content directly on social media like Whatsapp and Twitter. More custom made content outplays can be co-created.

“Colmena offers us the possibility to share our stories that need to be told not only in our territories, but also abroad.”
Mariana Kankuana. Remando (Ecuador)

What's new?

News about activities and events of the Consortium and the allied media that use Colmena

Colmena as a Unique Musical Staging
Are there similarities between the staging of a musical show and the development of a software like Colmena? Santiago García, Product Owner of the development team in this newsroom, takes us on a comparative journey between the two creative processes.

Voices from
the world

Productions from organizations that use Colmena

La crianza de los hijos es una tarea de mucha responsabilidad tanto del hombre y la mujer sin embargo muchas veces en las comunidades este rol con más carga laboral doméstica acarea a la mujer, tal como nos cuenta Mónica Mayancha una mujer de 70 años de la comunidad de Curaray que salió a vivir a la ciudad quien tuvo 7 hijos.
La dura situación violenta que ha vivido el departamento del Putumayo durante décadas ha sido el detonante miles de muertes y amenazas de líderes comunitarios en el territorio.
Colmena in a nutshell
Colmena is a software solution to create and share content, developed together with local and community media from the Global South. Colmena is free to use, commonly owned and 100% open source.
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A global alliance of community media
Colmena is committed to a co-created and collectively owned digital infrastructure. Our community is formed by active collaborators, not just users.
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Our story
The initiative was born as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic, led by DW Akademie and the Mexican NGO Redes por la Diversidad, Equidad y Sustentabilidad A.C. The project is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economic development and Cooperation (BMZ) as part of the Global Crisis Initiative (GKI).
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four strong partners with one mission

The Colmena Consortium is a coalition of institutions dedicated to the support and development of independent media, community-centered communication and connectivity,software development and infrastructure provision. Together we sustain the development and maintenance of the open source software Colmena for the global community

In a complementary way, this coalition of partners contribute human, technical and financial resources to ensure the development, maintenance and servicing of Colmena. 4 organisations on 3 continents are the base of the consortium that makes possible Colmena.


DW Akademie




Redes por la Diversidad, Equidad y Sustentabilidad A.C.


Tanda Community Network



Colmena believes in a connected world where alliances allow us to grow collectively. Meet our alliances made so far.

Open collaborative tools to create and share

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