Ukrainian Media Participate in Colmena

Since this month, media in Ukraine have been involved in the co-creation of Colmena. A team of four journalists with experience in the region started the testing and feedback phase of the beta version of the application adapted to the Ukrainian media landscape.

They highlighted Colmena’s advantages, such as data collection through the app and its subsequent synchronization when reporting from locations with difficult Internet access.

“For those journalists who travel to difficult territories, the connection could be disrupted, and it is important to have alternative ways to work,”

commented Oleksandra Marchenko, Colmena’s Regional Coordinator for Ukraine, during one of the first joint workshops.

Another benefit is the security of information exchange. Many journalists in the region risk their lives to tell their stories. It is therefore necessary to guarantee them safe spaces to share their content. Colmena allows audio and video sharing with other journalists in safer places, who can take charge of the information and its publication.

Over the next few weeks, these Ukrainian journalists will produce and share content with other users in the region and provide their expertise to further develop the application with new features and ideas for their community. They will become multipliers of the tool and will train other journalists in the region in the use of Colmena.


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