New Developments in Colmena

July and August were months of reflection for the Colmena development team. Through a "creative pause", the roadmap for the coming months was redesigned. The main objective, with the support of the media, is to achieve a fully functional first (beta) version of Colmena by the end of this year.

During September, each area’ technical leaders made some decisions that had an impact on Colmena’s operations. Mainly, the change of the authentication system.

To date, Nextcloud, software for creating and using file hosting services, has been used. However, due to certain technical limitations, a separate software, called Keycloak, has been chosen to register people requesting to open a workspace in Colmena.

This authentication system has already been developed and integrated into Colmena. The process is currently in the testing phase by the coordinators and the media involved in the co-creation of the application.

Another new feature in Colmena is the text editor, which is updated with a new technology that allows several users to write at the same time. The collaborative feature is expected to be ready in early November.

Currently, the developers are working on the multi-track editor, a more complete version of the “honeycomb” area and the virtual studio that will allow remote recordings.

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